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Since more than 80 years, our Company has been producing high precision technical components in super-hard materials such as synthetic sapphire/ruby, hard metals and fine ceramics for industrial applications.

We are one of the few existing manufacturer producing UHP orifices in diamond used for water jet cutting, cleaning, de-burring, nano-tech. dispensers to extremely small diameter applications, starting at 15 microns size or up to 6.000 bar of pressure.

We provide top quality, high precision items, with an evolved design developed throughout years of research. The increasing costs of downtime in the industry have created the need to have longer lasting, increasingly reliable parts. Diamond orifices lasts longer and promote longer life to the supporting equipment.

Our experience in this manufacturing process has brought us to develop the CARAT, Diamond Cutting Head; the concept is entirely new and adapted to modern hydro-abrasive cutting applications.

Quality control is the topic during every step of the production process, from the raw material selection in terms of finest stones to the crystal orientation ensuring the strongest and most resistant surface.

Our attention to every detail, is your guarantee of constant quality and precision.

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