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The aspiration system for muds, type EF1 has been expressly planned from Gardella Srl for the evacuation of muds derived from waterjet cutting with abrasive.

The operator, through an “aspiration lance”, can easely and effectively remove muds and small residuums deriving from waterjet cut.

Technical specifications
Dimensions: (LxPxH) 1400x1400x2800 mm.
Weight: 400 kg ~
Voltage: 220 V Ac 50 Hz
Turbine: 380V 3f 50 Hz 3,5 kW
Noise level: level 74 dB
Hose: Ø 50 mm
Vacuum: 3200 mm/h2o
Tank capacity: 1000 L
Max weight: 1.500 kg
Filtering big bag: 900x900x700 mm


The system EF1 is formed from three different parts:

Cyclone in depression
The heart of system is the cyclone in stainless steel, provided with special sleeve valves with pneumatic control.The cyclon, put in depression from the exhauster, allows to aspirate with efficacy and speed, the water fullof depleted abrasive and residues. The sleeve valves are able to intercept the muds without damage and so can be aspirated also small foreign substances.
This solution allows to not have any physical contact between abrasive and other parts in motion which can be damaged quickly.

Collection tank
Has a “pompa di rilascio” , which restore the correct level in the tank of machine.
Inside the tank, there is a “filter-bag”, that provide to collect the muds.
The filter-bag leans to a sturdy grate for good exploit its capacities.

The exhauster
An industrial exhauster with no-stop using allows to create the necessary empty space
for aspirate the muds.

The exhauster has a turbine for high empty space and it can be used without any
problems for all shift. And moreover, it has a collection drum and a filter to avoid any
damage to the turbine.

The aspiration system can be used in manual type for the periodical tank’s cleaning
operations, or in permanent type during the machine’s shift.
The tank’s cleaning operations result quick, clean and not heavy for the operator. The high function of the system allows to reduce the time for the cleaning of cutting
machine. The type with wheels allows to operate also in big installations

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