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From the experience gained over the past 15 years in the this field, Gardella srl has developed a range of water jet cutting systems, which have the following advantages:

  • small dimensions that allow the plant to be placed in small work environments such as laboratories, workshops, etc.
  • Integrated high pressure pump
  • Extremely easy to use, accessible to everyone
  • Possibility of cutting pure water jet all soft materials up to a thickness of 100 mm
    • (i.e. foam, leather, food, paper, cardboard, foam, fabric, polystyrene, insulating material, etc.)
  • Possibility to cut all the hard-wearing materials up to a thickness of 50 mm
    • (i.e. steel, aluminum, titanium, marble, granite, glass, stoneware, composite, carbon fiber, plexi etc.)
  • Investment significantly lower than conventional waterjet systems, which are on the market
  • extremely low cost per hours
  • Long life wear parts
  • three versions of high pressure pump, for all requirements, EASY, PROFESSIONAL and INDUSTRIAL

Technical features:

  • working area min. X 500 – Y 500 mm
  • working area max X 1500 – Y 2000 mm
  • stainless steel tank
  • work top with interchangeable grilles
  • accuracy on cutting 0,1 mm
  • speed of 20 mm/min.
  • feeding and dosage abrasive system
  • cutting head with integrated diamond orifice
  • on / off cutting valve designed for 4000 bar
  • high pressure pump components, pipes and fittings designed for 4000 bar
  • prepared for abrasive removal system
  • CNC with extremely user-friendly interface
  • abrasive removal system (OPTIONAL)
  • Z axis controlled (OPTIONAL)
  • pressure pump upgrade (OPTIONAL)

MiniWaterjet is a viable alternative to traditional waterjet systems, if:

  • you do not have enough space to accommodate a traditional cutting system
  • if you have to cut small things and do not need a large plant
  • if you want to contain the investment costs and you do not want to settle for a used machine
  • if you want a system build for your specific needs.

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